COVID-19, mental wellbeing, and plants: How building a home garden can help you with pandemic-related stress

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression have been on the rise. This isn’t surprising. We have spent months in social isolation. Our only social interactions are digital. Forget going to the mall or meeting up with friends, we’re hesitant to exchange greetings with our neighbours. As sentient beings, we need activities to ground us, to keep us rooted in the physical world – and building a home garden sounds like just the thing we need to deal with the pressures of the pandemic.

Home garden plants: Your cure for post-pandemic stress

At first, building a home garden might sound counter-intuitive to dealing with stress. Our ‘work from home’ situations have turned into ‘living at work’ obligations. We are left with very little time to do anything else. How can the additional responsibility of growing plants at home be relaxing?

And, yet, research shows that gardening can reduce anxiety and depression. Inhaling healthy soil-based bacteria can also improve your body’s serotonin levels, making you happier. You also derive incomparable satisfaction when the plant you nurtured blooms to add that much-needed splash of greenery to your home.

Healthier indoors: The health benefits of building a home garden

The benefits of building a home garden go beyond just the visual appeal or improving your mental health. NASA research shows that certain indoor plants can clean the air of potential irritants and carcinogens that are harmful to human beings. At a time when we are spending so much time indoors, and are facing such an unprecedented risk to our respiratory health and overall wellbeing, this advantage of home gardens comes as a welcome boost to our pandemic-influenced lives.

Healthcare experts across the globe estimate that 2022 is the earliest that the novel coronavirus can be expected to be brought under control. This bears out in the drastic spurt in the number of new COVID-19 cases across India, especially in metro cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, etc. As we prepare to socially distance for the long haul, we have to ensure that our indoors are healthier and bring us more joy. Building a home garden with indoor plants is one of the most effective ways to achieve this aim.

So, if the idea of creating your very own home garden appeals to you, why not take a look at our assorted selection of home garden plants at and choose the ones that best fit your vibe and tastes?

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